Josh David & the Dream Jeans Debut EP for Sale

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So we’ve teamed up with investing in cryptocurrency philippines siblings-separated-at-birth/better-half/crosstown-rivals-turned-lovers/etc. the Good Time Gang, to co-release a spunky little CD/EP that’s available in our STORE right now! If you dig Black Flag, the Germs, X, really anything chronicled in The Decline of Western Civilization, check this out now!

CITY YARDS 7″ EP For Sale/Artwork Up!

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So the City Yards 7″, out June 7th, is now up for pre-sale in the store. You can click the gorgeous artwork Craig Horky did for the hand-screened covers below to check it out in our store.cityyardsartpromo

Or preview Speaker Song from the bitcoin philippines app 7″ here:

BMP releases tearing up the internet this week…

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Exciting times with some of our recent releases by Tin Horn Prayer and The Fucking Cops. We’ve made some new friends at Blank TV, a site that premieres punk, metal and indie music videos. We just happen to have 2 punk bands that have music videos to premiere. Voila! Tin Horn Prayer and The Fucking Cops’ new videos are now approaching 2,000 plays over the past couple days. Check out the BMP news over at:

Also of note, it’s not unusual that our releases are reviewed in Blogs, Punk Sites, Zines, Magazines, Podcasts…etc. However, I now have 2 new favorite review sites because we just were delivered 2 of the zaniest reviews I’ve ever seen. In the first one, by the awesomely-named Music She Blogged, our new friend Sarah espouses her undying love for Tin Horn Prayer’s Get Busy Dying LP and even goes so far as to include this “artist’s rendering” of how the album made her feel:

AMAZING! …and a must read!
Not to be outdone, the Bear of Idle and the Bear gave The Fucking Cops’ Fuck You Up With Some Truth EP a spin and went so far off the map as to compare drummer Andy Merril to a Pokemon in her very favorable review:

So if you’re keeping track at home, that’s not one, not two, but THREE legitimately bookmark-worthy sites for you this Friday. Enjoy!

Not Only are We Teaming Up to Put Out THE FUCKING COPS ‘…fuck you up with some truth’, Pre-orders Are Up Now!

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It’s been a busy week here at BMP which means records are selling…which means you’re in luck, because we can afford to put out more binary trade investment ! Today we’re not only announcing that we’re teaming up with Brooklyn’s up-and-coming Kind of Like Records, as well as Cleveland’s Big Purple Records, to release some of the best midwest/basement punk I’ve heard this year, The Fucking Cops - Fuck You Up With Some Truth (click on the link to hear a couple songs) on May 3rd, but also that the pre-orders are already up at our STORE.

What does this release have to offer? Well if you dig Cheap Girls, it’s got guest vocals and productions from Ian Graham (check out the ‘Sweating or Freezing’ video below). Not to mention, a 16 page booklet featuring illustrations for every song by some amazing artists including Lauren Denitzio (of the sadly missed The Measure [sa]), Jason Lubrano (from Iron Chic), John G, Shannon Sullivan, Asbestos Breath and more! The first pressing of the 12″ vinyl will be 500 (250 purple/250 black) with hand screened covers and digital downloads at the low price of $8. We also have CD’s available for $6. In the meantime, check out this awesome video for ‘Sweating or Freezing’ and pick up a copy for yourself!

So we’re like, putting out City Yards debut 7″…

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Well consider me blindsided. Having known Colin Floyd and Brent Mosser from their previous bands (the excellent Stranger on a Train and the Word Play, respectively), I should have expected to be floored by the straight-ahead, storytelling punk of CITY YARDS. Instead, after losing touch with the boys (Brent, honing is touring chops by going out with Run For Cover’s Fireworks) for a bit, they hit me with a bang-up 3-song that was dripping with Detroit-grade grittiness, and followed with 4 more songs that came off like a more convicted version of the Loved One’s or recent No Idea Records-fare. Either way, I had to get involved, so it was settled. BMP will be releasing the songs as a 7″ with a digital download — also containing the other 3 songs, pending the band reading this passage and not entirely objecting ;) (see what I did there?) — and preliminary reports look like this baby is gonna’ be hand-screened, numbered and highly collectible.

What can you do before the June 7th release, you ask? Listen to this track and get excited!

Check out Seized Up’s New EP, FREE!

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Just a quick note for Friday, Seized Up is one of our favorite new bands out of the Detroit area. We’ve had them out to play a few shows now and they always bring the party. Do yourself a favor and go cop this for free on Bandcamp now!

SEIZED UP - s/t debut EP


Click below to check ‘em out on Facebook:


CAVALCADE Fleur de Lis Tour 2011:

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(pictures courtesy of Ben Jenson, Craig and I)

In mid-February, in the midst of discussions with Philip Anselmo of Housecore Records (more well know publicly as the ex-frontman of Pantera and current frontman of Down) about releasing our upcoming record, Dear Entrails, … on his label (release date to be announced soon!), the prospect of bringing Cavalcade along for a mini-tour that southern metal-supergroup Down was scheduled to embark on in early March. The dates we were offered were between 1,000 to 1,300 miles away, and there was not enough time or notice to book a substantial tour, so we pieced together a five-date shotgun of an outing, consisting of drives between six and fourteen hours between shows and, serendipitously/coincidentally, all in French settled cities that plaster the fleur de lis design on everything (hence the tour’s name) from their flags to their sports teams’ logos.


In possession of a basement’s corner worth of breaking down amps, guitars and pedals and a van that recently broke down, not once, but twice on the Cartridge Family while on trips that were less than an hour from Lansing; a flurry of printing merchandise, fixing our gear and tuning up the van for a trip halfway across the span of the United States and back (in 5 days, no less) filled the rest of our February…not to mention the everyday commitments of dayjobs –in addition to nightjobs, in some of our cases. It would all be worth it, however, as this trip promised to leave us in the ever elusive black (as far as DIY music-related pursuits are concerned), in spite of gas prices spiraling out of control and long drives. We couldn’t turn it “down” (pun intended)…

Day 1: Lansing to Louisville

One Win Choice/Natural Disasters 7″ sale announced!

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One Win Choice/Natural Disasters 7″ are up for sale! This is the 7″ equivalent of an ice cream sandwich made with Refused and Rise Against records on either side with pralines and melodic hardcore ice cream in the middle. Get into it!

We’re also announcing a sale! Order the 7″ today and recieve a 2nd release (virtually any release in our catalog, check the list in our store) for only 3 extra dollars. If you can’t decide on one, pick up a third release for only 2 extra dollars!

Check out the 7″ and the sale!

BMP Graphic Designer Craig Horky + Booking/Co-operator Scott Bell, tops of 2010

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Craig Horky:

1. Superchunk - Majesty Shredding
sooooooo good.
2. the Wonder Years - The Upsides
guilty pleasure album of the decade.
3. Bars of Gold - of gold
they’re better live, but the album is pretty good too.
4. Off - First 4 EPs
members of black flag and rftc and raymond pettibon art? fuck yeah.
5. Stephen Egerton - The Seven Degrees of Stephen Egerton
closest i’ll get to new ALL or descendants any time soon
6. Tim Kasher - The Game of Monogamy
this man does concept albums about relationships really well
7. Dax Riggs - Say Goodnight To The World
spooky as fuck
8. Roky Erickson and Okkervil River - True Love Cast Out All Evil
i love roky erickson
9. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - The Brutalist Bricks
i wish they had left off “Tuberculoids Arrive in Hop” because i tend to skip that track, otherwise it’s a pretty damn good listen
10. Hostage Calm - s/t
cale recommended this one. he rarely disappoints me. i don’t know what to call it, but i like whatever is going on here.

honorable mention list:
the Menzingers - Chamberlain Waits
Torche - Songs for Singles
Grinderman - Grinderman 2
the Riot Before - Rebellion
TiltWheel - the High Hate Us
Spanish Gamble - It’s All Coming Down
Swans - my father will guide me up a rope to the sky
Sailors With Wax Wings - s/t
Dan Padilla - as the ox plows

Scott listed one album: Dr. Dre - ‘Detox’…which hasn’t even leaked yet. However, his favorite from last year was ‘Trapped in the Closet 1-13′, so at least he’s thinking ahead and not behind this year.

I should also mention that had he given it any thought, he most likely would have included:

The Dopamines — ‘expect the worst’
Off With Their Heads — ‘in desolation’
Bad Religion Tribute — ‘germs of perfection’

All records I caught him paying more attention to than Katt Williams Youtubes playing in tandem with passively watching the History channel.

Top 10 Favorite Albums of 2010

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A little late this year, but my usual rules applied (only full-lengths, no albums we put out, because of course we love those…yadda yadda yadda) with the added bonus that this years includes a link to a free mix CD I put together with some favorite tracks from this year as well: (note: copy & paste the link into your browser, for some reason it wouldn’t link)

Without further adieu:

01. The Wonder Years - ‘the upsides’
(Shameless Lifetime/early-Saves the Day style pop-punk executed to perfection. One of the most sing-along-able records I’ve heard in several years, extremely relatable lyrics about being a maladjusted dude still trying to hack away in bands along with lyrical refrences The Weakerthans & Notorious B.I.G. –in the same song–, Rupert Holmes, The Lawrence Arms, Arrested Development, Always Sunny…just total musical candy…but the best kind. If an album of this style gets me, it trumps everything because, at this point in my life, if your guitars aren’t doing something weird, you’re probably working at a disadvantage with me)

02. Hostage Calm - ’s/t’
(Holy crap. This band’s first record was in that Lifetime/Movilife vein and then they took a turn toward…latter era Clash? Squeeze? Madness? ‘Pet Sounds’-era Beach Boys? I’d love to know what these guys were listening to when they wrote this album. A spin on their genre that has never existed to my knowledge. If this album had some rough edges –there’s times the squeeky clean production sounds too sterile when they’re not flying the modern pop punk flag– and the lyrics were more consistently memorable –there’s some great ones to be sure, but some songs, lyrically, are forgettable– this would, not only be my #1, but also an outright classic)

03. Superchunk - ‘majesty shredding’
(In the words of Tupac, “I’ma let my homies ride on ya’” for this one. I don’t know what I can say about this album that most of my friends or the magazine/blog reviews won’t already say. What kind of band takes 10 years off and comes back with an album that still ranks as one of their best?)

04. Nachtmystium - ‘addicts: black meddle pt. 2′
(Much like the Hostage Calm album, if you loved this band before their past 2 albums and EP, I feel your pain. There’s band’s I’ve loved that totally changed their style and left me in the dust as they progressed. Nachtmystium, however, has gone from predominately standard black metal to entering the process of creating something totally their own over the past 2.5 albums. This mission is fully realized on ‘Addicts.’

05. Curren$y - ‘pilot talk’, ‘pilot talk II’, Ski Beatz -’24 hour karate school’
(When I was about 15 probably, I saw the video for ‘Luchini’ by Camp Lo on Yo! MTV Raps and was enamored with the jazzy soul/blacksploitation sampling beat *growing up in Morenci, MI, watching Yo! MTV Raps was about the most “punk rock” move available to me prior to having a driver’s license* …fast forward 15 years later, I cop the Curren$y mixtape on a tip and some of the production reminds me of that. Turns out the guy that produced Camp Lo came back in a big way this year *not that he was gone between then…I think he even did Jay Z’s first album…but a return to this style* …as in, he did 2 Curren$y albums and a solo record featuring Curren$y, Mos Def, Jim Jones, Wiz Khalifa, Cool Kids, Jay Electronic and Joell Ortiz…and all 3 were amazing.

Curren$y has been on and left No Limit and Cash Money –and you can see why as he brings more substance to the table than anything these guys were releasing back then– in their primes and is still managing to just now surface now that he’s doing things more geared to his way. This leads to a type of cockiness toward his ability to do things on his own/modest accomplishments that definitely supercedes my natural boredom toward rappers talking about “how rich” they are or how many times they can “steal your girl”. Normally I’m reticent to someone releasing 2 records in one year *especially rappers who are just displaying that they have no sense of quality control* however, Curren$y’s 13 songs on each album seem to make each the perfect length and there isn’t a weak track on either. Skills-wise, he’s not challenging Ras Kass, R.A. the Rugged Man or anyone of that ilk, but he’s compelling story-teller. For someone I hadn’t heard of until this year, he’s definitely got my attention. I’d say you’ll be hearing more about him soon, but much like most rappers I end up getting into, he doesn’t do the big chorus thing, so it is what it is.)

06. Liars - ’sisterworld’
(Liars have released 5 albums, all of which have all sounded WILDLY different from each other. I would be hard pressed think of a more overwrought, pretentious band any further up their own ass without having to look at further mainstream toward bands who would like to, but can’t take Liars-type risks…or even further underground to the worst hipster shit Brooklyn could concieve. That said, when their experimentation “hits” it usually hits for an entire album due to their methodical writing process. Liar’s had expiremented with dance punk, Einsturzende Neubauten-style noise, percussive *ugh* world music…but had never made a “psychedelic” rock album. Well…

Bottom line: When people describe a record as psychedelic, Sisterworld is what I hope it’s going to sound like. Now days, that generally means that some folky guy is catuerwalling in some annoying high-pitched muppet voice while 8 guys take turns farting on a harpsichord and I end up disappointed. Not the case with ‘Sisterworld’…just queesy, paranoid, dark soundscapes, guitars going in every direction, chanting, repition…just uneasy weirdness…and done with traditional instruments and formats for the most part, yet creating something entirely their own.)

07. Iron Chic - ‘not like this’
(Straight ahead punk rock. Brief, catchy, memorable, great. Expect good things from this band…they’re fantastic)

08. Barnburner - ‘bangers’
(Stoner rock candy. I’m mostly immune to shit like this, because, I mean, how many times can you recycle Fu Manchu’s take on Sabbath? These Canadians added Thin Lizzy guitar harmonies…and cheesy self-aware lyrics. Apparently that’s all I needed, because there isn’t a “bad” song on this record)

09. Markov - ‘this quiet’
(An unsigned Texas band who stumbled onto who absolutely rips the ass out of some Drive Like Jehu-style jams on their brief-yet-wholly-engaging debut full-length. This stuff has been done before but I haven’t heard a band just *burn* this much while doing in a while. If these guys scheduled some more touring, I would force them to let me put this out on vinyl)

10a. Castevet - ‘the echo and the light’
(Noodly guitar post-punk from Chicago with gruff vocals a penchance for noisy expirimentation. If the previous sentence were put on fish hook and I were a fresh-water Salmon, I’d be dinner by now…so yes, obviously I loved this. Not sure if it’s a great record outside of my own head though. Craig and Ryan Horky have call this genre “Cale-rock” to either promote or dismiss various new artists each other, so proceed knowing that if you decide to follow-up on this band)

10b. RVIVR - ’s/t’
(Guy/girl vocals, straight-ahead catchy punk-rock. Lemuria if they were worse/more trite lyrically, but I like the guy and girls’ voices more. Every song on this short full length has mass potential to get stuck in your head in a good way. If you like Lemuria but wish they sounded more…confident(?), this may be for you.)

10c. Pianos Become the Teeth - ‘old pride’
(When starting a band with an old friend, I tried to declare that the Wah-pedal was dead…it’s gone as far is it can go…then proceeded to declare “the volume pedal is the new wah”. Apparently someone in this band agreed, because this band makes me want to write volume swells and drops into every riff. The album is essentially mining a similar post-post-hardcore vein that more popular bands like La Dispute and Touche Amore are driving, but with a bit more eye toward atmospherics and true genre pioneers like Ihatemyself. The drumming also is incredible enough for me to notice, so that’s worth mentioning as well (plus, the guy is just a monster, live).

There’s points where the atmospherics on this album almost sound like something Radiohead would’ve done on Kid A if you stripped away the electronics. That said, the same atmospherics can make the album drag at points, but it makes the loud parts really REALLY cut. Ultimately, this makes the end of my top 10 in a strong year off the sheer bonus points of their set at Fest being the best set I saw all year by a band who’s lyrics I didn’t know at the time.

Hardest Omissions:
Swans - ‘my father will guide me up a rope to the sky’
Das Racist - ’shut up dude’
Ludicra - ‘the tenant’
Sailors With Wax Wings - ’s/t’
Everyone Everywhere - ’s/t’
Charles the Osprey - ‘consider’
Bottomless Pit - ‘blood under the bridge’
Madlib + Guilty Simpson - ‘oj simpson’
Dawnbringer - ‘nucleus’
Shores - ‘coup de grace’
You Vandal - ’stories you can’t share’
The Arrivals - ‘volatile molatov’
Rick Ross - ‘teflon don’
Black Helicopter - ‘don’t fuck with the apocolypse’
Zoroaster - ‘matador’
Dan Padilla - ‘as the ox plows’